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SCCA car running with NASA

pit boss

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I am a SCCA racer (T1) and I was thinking about going a NASA event but I just don't understand the NASA rules. Is ST weight vs HP? When I look at the rules there is a ton of points for just anout anything that is done to the car except for wings and spoilers. Is this in addition to the weight/HP or just another way of classification. If the point system is in addition to weight/hp I just don't understand to reson behind some of the points. If I read it right there is a difference in points between "A" and "R" Hoosiers and why is having a dry sump seven points. All a dry sump does is provide better oiling. How does that deserve any points? Why does the wings and spoilers get away without any points? I do not want to start a debate between SCCA and NASA but just want to try and understand why the rules are so confusing?


I have a current SCCA log book, will that do are do I need another log book for NASA?

Same for license, I have a SCCA Pro license. Do I also need a NASA license?

My car is built the the max allowed by SCCA and as they are where I am happy and will spend most of the time racing with I do not want to change my car to run a weekend with NASA.


Again please no debate between the two groups. All I want to do is make some of my Corvette buddies happy by running with them at a NASA event.

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ST1 or 2 is a pretty simple hp/weight formula, all else open. It sounds like you're also looking at the PT rules which are more in-depth and Corvettes don't fit really well unless they're very very stock or close to it. I bet that is where the confusion lies.


I made a calculator in excel to help you work through the ST formula, it isn't official but it's pretty dang spot on



Just make sure you stick to the "ST" tab, enter the items in the right boxes, and check the correct boxes that may apply to you. iirc Greg chose that 8.70 adjusted hp/weight cap for ST2 to entice alot of T1 type Corvettes and such to come play with NASA.

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I think Ken nailed it, you're reading the PT class menu not the ST menu. All of the So Cal T1 guys run in ST2 and just add a wing. Mostly they run A series Hoosiers, but occasionally run R compounds. There's a .75 penalty for running slicks and T1 corvettes can't make ST2 with that handicapp. You'll need a certified dyno sheet performed only on a Dynojet and make sure you comply with the specific dyno requirements....



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With the new power mods allowed in T1, you may have to add some ballast or more gas to be legal in ST2 which is essentially the crossover class for T1. You will need to have the car Dyno'd on a Dynojet model dynamometer as John stated, before you can begin competition in ST.


You will need both a NASA membership and a NASA License. The License is easy to get if you have an SCCA license, and the Medical will transfer over as well.


You will need a NASA Log Book, but depending on the Region, you can just bring your SCCA log book to the track, and get Tech to inspect your car, helmet, head & neck device, suit (with NASA Patch), and get the NASA log book. It will probably cost $40 for that.


Please read the Super Touring Rules--you'll find them much more simple than the Performance Touring rules that do not apply to your car.


FYI, it is a myth that NASA and SCCA are competitors. In fact, I work closely with their National Medical Director to ensure that NASA and SCCA racers can fairly easily run with both groups. I shared a car last year with Ryan C. who has done most of his racing in T1, and I borrowed Oli's T1 car at one NASA TT event when mine was broken.

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Thanks and yes I was in the PT rules. I thought both groups honored each others license but it sounds like it allows you to get a license without going to another school. I thought it would be more like states honoring other states license. I used to race NASCAR and other groups like All Pro would allow us to race with them without having to buy their license but it was the tracks trying to increase car count in the late models.



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