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RMERC - Round 1 @ Hastings on 5/30


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Posted this on the Rocky Mountain Forum last week and thought I would add it here....


Round #1 of the 2011 Rocky Mountain Enduro Racing Championship will be Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day) @ Hastings Motorsports Park. This round will be 6 Hours, from 8AM - 2PM.


My team is planning on going and running in E0. However, we need more cars! While this event is part of the RMERC, the event itself is being run by the new NASA Central region and it's hard to know just how many cars they might get to participate. So, if anyone else is interested now is the time to say so. If we don't get enough entrants this race could be canceled.


Hastings is a very fun track with really nice facilities. This will be the longest event of the 2011 RMERC series and if we can get 15-20 (or more) cars this could be a really fantastic event.


Anyone else interested??

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I'm in for E3 in the super quick 25Hour car.


Plus we have an ESR car coming up from Oklahoma to try take the overall win.

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By my count that makes 5 cars signed up (excluding us). If we don't see another 10-15 cars by next week I think we will have to cancel. It's a lot of time, effort and money to bring everything out there if there won't be any competition. Disappointing for sure, but an unfortunate reality.



5/11/11 UPDATE: OK, after reviewing the schedule and with the lack of entrants (3 as of 5/9), we are going to pass on this event. Good luck to anyone that is going and have fun!

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