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just a bunch of questions!!!


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Hi all.. Nice place you got here!


Q1) I've been out to the HPDE clinic at Willow Springs... I was in HPDE 2 and my instructors bumped me to HPDE 3 (I've got some racing experience with SCCA). When am I qualified to run in an event (ITB or similar)?????


Q2) I've been driving the slowest ITB GTI Cup '84 VW GTI on the planet (I don't think the car has ever been over 100MPH) and I'm interested in open wheel. I might be buying a Formula V (not fast but lots o' fun) locally and am wondering what classes I'll be able to run in??? (Its vintage legal)


Q3) Does NASA HPDE ever run at ButtonWillow??? One of my favorites!


Thanks, I hope this place makes it...

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Q1: To race with NASA, you'll need a Competition License. IF you have a valid SCCA license, then you can send a copy of that in with your license form and the other required documents to get a NASA Comp License. Otherwise, you'll need to fulfill the licensing requirements of the region.


Q2: I don't think NASA has any vintage classes, but have you thought about another production-based car? There is a lot of interest in Honda Challenge these days and Spec Miata is always popular.


Q3: Yes! I think there will be two events at Buttonwillow this year. There's a NorCal-SoCal crossover event and then SoCal runs Buttonwillow later in the year. Check the NASA Pro Racing site Event Calendar for more details.



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on Q1)... I only have a beginners license (just attented the school recently) would that work???


Q2) both the honda chanllenge and spec Miata cars are too expensive for me (and my limited, "wife" monitored racing funds) but thanks


Q3) I'll be there





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We will honor a SCCA rookie permit and issue a NASA rookie permit. After 4 clean races we will issue you a national comp license (all in the NASA CCR)


NASA does not have a club open wheel class (other than our pro stuff {Fran-AM}) at this time. Unfortunatley, it is a limited market and SCCA does a good job of providing a home. We dont see the need in reinventing the wheel and trying to tear down open wheel fields. We allow Spec Racers to run and I think you can get a RSR for about the same price as a Formula V and would give you the same "open wheel" feeling.


I know a bunch of Honda Challenge cars for 4,500-8,000.00 range and that class is proving to be your best performance for the money. Email me if you need direction.

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