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'93 325is for sale


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'93 325is For Sale


I bought the car in southern California in May '03 and drove it back to Austin, Texas

Heater and AC work

Engine runs good, no burning oil, no obvious signs of problems, will need typical tuneup items

Transmission has a bad 2nd gear syncro, still drivable

Minor door dings in various places, all typical for this age car

Paint has some quarter sized bubbles in the clear coat, looks to be original paint


All of the interior trim, carpet, and seats have been removed. All the interior sound deadening material has been removed.


Interior parts that remain include;

- door panels and window mechanisms

- complete dash

- complete AC / heater box and controls

- complete center console

- all original glass

- steering column, control stalks, and wheel

Wiring harness has had un-need wires removed at their source (such as; dome lights, security servo lines, speaker / amp lines...)

Includes (5) 15x7 cross lace rims and street tires



Salvage yard gearbox, in good shape

Fan delete kit from Bimmerparts.com, new in box




Also available (8) Kosei K1 15x7 rims, silver



I bought the car to make into an Improved Touring S road race car. But I have let myself get wrapped up in too many projects. This car could be put back on the street, but it really would be best suited for a road racer or autocrosser project. Pictures available on request.

powerslide91 at yahoo dot com

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