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Seat available with winning team in E3


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This team is built with 25 hour racing experience. With members from the winning team in 2007, winning team in 2008, 3rd place team in 2009 and 5th place team in 2010. The entire crew (team owner, team manager, crew cheif, driver changer, tire crew and fuel crew) all have at least two 25 hour races of experience with the team manager having four 25 hour races of experience with 3 podiums and a top 5. The team owner has three 25 hour races under his belt with 2 podiums and a top 5.You will be paired with experience drivers that have won the 25 hour, a regional champion and a top 10 national driver. This is a winning team committed to the details, executuion and experience. The car was built specifically to E3 rules and will not be just another SM running around the track. We have proven ourselves to be professional, competitve and well organized. The seat price is 3500 and that includes entry fees, gas, tires, test day, consumables and of course a chef preparing quality meals around the clock. Seat price can be reduced if you can bring something to the table or bring another paying driver in.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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