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8-Hour at Road Atlanta


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It seems like this forum is mainly concentrated on the West Coast Enduros and more specifically the 25-Hour race at Thunderhill. With that being the case i wanted to make sure everyone is aware that the NASA-SE group does an 8-Hour enduro ar Road Atlanta on Friday of their Decemeber event every year. This year it will be on Dec 2nd and it generally goes from 10am to 6pm so there is no nighttime driving. Is anyone planning on being there??

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I might in an E3 car. I remember when I did this race in 2009 there was hardly anyone racing the enduro. Like 17 cars were signed up compared to the 40+ car field the previous year. I have no idea what attendance was like last year, but I hope its picked up.

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Car # Team Car Info Class TX # Drivers

008 Brinati/Domont/ 1999 Mazda Miata Black/Re E3 (8) 3902840 Brian Domont

Michael Brinati

01 Tone Motorsports 1987 Ford Mustang Red E1 (8) 0411362 Brian Tone

Brian Thompson

05 Fall-Line Motorsports 2006 BMW E46-M3 White ES (4) 3051657 Robert Schmidt

Rob May

114 Broc Racing 2005 Ford Mustang Blue E1 (8) 7966127 Chris Ferraro

128 Circle Heart Racing 2000 Honda S2000 Black E0 (8) 8173402 Ron Rigdon

Andrea Robertson

13 Fandango Racing Inc. 2002 BMW M3 silver E0 (8) 0344249 Drew Ewing

Jon Krolewicz

172 H &H Racing 2005 BMW M3 White ES (8) 4498189 Jim Hamman

Jay Patel

176 Laze Fox Racing 2004 NIssan 350Z Tra Silver E0 (8) 3654554 John Evans

Doug Haymes

20 OPM Autosports 1990 Acura Integra White/Ma E3 (8) 7135513 Stephen DeVinney

Richard Downton

Mike Conrad

21 Black Dog Racing 2000 Audi S4 black ES (8) 5336750 Ted DeVit

Myra DeVit

Timothy Myers

Mike Kramer

22 Team Knuckle Dragger 2000 Chevy Camaro Red E1 (8) None Cody Powell

25 Team Six Sigma 1990 BMW 325i Silver E2 (8) 7041929 Luke Belverd

27 9k Racing 2001 Honda S2000 Red E1 (8) 5145238 Keith May

Jim Glanton

David Lee

John Murphy


Scott Baker

Dave Baker

28 www.CONPACGROUP.com 2000 Mazda Miata Black E3 (8) None Don Esbjornson

299 Solar Sneed 1993 BMW 325IS White E1 (8) 3418674 Chris Sneed

Jason Swenk

Mike Stinnett

31 Makow Racing 1990 Mazda Miata Blue / s E3 (8) 1285557 Dick Makow

Robert Baker

32 RVJM Racing 1990 Mazda Miata .Blue E3 (8) 5699611 MICHAEL DAVERO

37 Occupy Racetrack 1994 BMW 325is white-is E1 (8) 9585271 Mark Hilburger

46 Fall-Line Motorsports 2005 Porsch 996 GT3 White/Bl ES (8) 0627423 Mark Boden

Al Carter

Rob May

490 Walsh Lako Racing 1989 bmw 325 Slate/Or E2 (8) 0587600 DAVID WALSH

Steven Lako

Oliver Damagnez

57 Stallion Racing 2010 600 Ra GT Roads White ES (8) 3931073 Tim Vito

61 Flat6 Motorsports 1999 Porsch C2 red/silv ES (4) 4365225 david richardson

David Pahl

65 Tom and the Hart Brakers 1991 Mazda Miata Blue/Whi E3 (8) 1966490 Tom Fowler

Tom Hart

711 Cook Racing 1998 Pontia Trans AM gold ES (8) 0469850 Rob Leopard

Tony Cook

75 Superunknowns 2001 Honda S2000 Blue/Bla E0 (8) 2097038 John Oldt

Eric Wong

Erik Olson

Rene Badia Jr

78 TEAM EVOLUTION MOTORSPORTS 2005 Pontia GTO Black ES (8) 3280041 Donald Clifford

Russ Dalba

Kevin Clifford

8 long road racing 1990 mazda miata white/re E3 (8) 1537599 Gilbert Galle

tyler cooke

81 Sinister Racing Group 2006 BMW M3 Black ES (8) 2914561 Mark Pauly

846 WildhorsesRacing 1986 Chevy Camaro Red E3 (8) 6794255 Jim Pantas

brandon pantas

88 Team Palacio Racing 1989 BMW 325is Blue E3 (8) 5614396 Eric Palacio

Julio Palacio

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Yeah i knew it was getting alot of duscussion in the SE sub-forum but i just wanted to try and make sure everyone in the other regions knew too since it seems like this forum is always concentrated on the West Coast events. Road Atlanta is such an amazing track with great facilities and it would be nice to get the popularity of this event up more as to attract more people each year. I would love to see 70+ cars entered for next years race. Maybe even extend the event to 10-hours just like the Petit!!

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