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2012 WERC Schedule??


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2012 So Cal Schedule

March 3/4- -Auto Club Speedway (NASA AZ Crossover)

April 21/22- Buttonwillow

May- 26/27- Willow Springs

June 23/24- Buttonwillow

July- 28/29th- Auto Club Speedway

Sept 6-9th- Mid Ohio *National Championship*

Oct 13/14- Buttonwillow

Nov- 10/11- Buttonwillow



Western Endurance Regional Championship- Fill in the blanks

April 21- Buttonwillow (3hr day/night)


June 23- Buttonwillow (3hr day/night)


Oct 13- Buttonwillow (3hr day/night)

Dec 8th- Thunderhill (6hr day) + {25hr race as well}




February 11-12, Infineon Raceway

March 10-11, Infineon Raceway

April 14-15, Thunderhill Raceway

May 19-20, Thunderhill Raceway

June 16-17, Infineon Raceway

August 18-19, Thunderhill Raceway

September 29-30, Infineon Raceway

October 27-28, Infineon Raceway

November 9-11, Infineon Raceway

December 8-9, Thunderhill Raceway

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They are always slow for this series. It probably will not be out until March.


See you at the races!



I checked on this Richard, and the 2011 schedule was posted before January 15th last year, and you shared your insights regarding that schedule with the group on that same day.............



In regards to the 2012 WERC schedule....I would have posted the link to the schedule ealrier, and have been in contact with Jerry and Ryan about this year's WERC schedule, however, with just tentative dates, it didn't seem prudent, as things could still change. At this point, I believe the So Cal dates are firm, but the Nor Cal WERC events are truly up in the air at this time.


Feedback from the split race format at T-Hill last year was not overwhelmingly favorable, and none of us liked having to host 1 or 2 hour "enduros," especially those of us who would believe enduros are 3, 6, 12 or even 25 hours in duration......Given the conversations I've had with Jerry about the split race format, I doubt we'll see anything like that again. The challenge, however, is in fielding a 3 or more hour event during a regular race weekend, especially when those race weekends are so tightly packed for time.


Those of us that attended and/or worked the two August T-Hill enduros last year know just how crazy busy the race schedule was on those weekends.....T-Hill has a hard stop rule at 6:00 PM (all racing stops), and based on the local agreements with the town of Willows, changing that time is right on the other side of impossible.......That said, those of us that have been around enduros for a while know that Jerry loves enduros as much as any of us. We want to return to the true enduro format vs. those spilt races, which turned out to be more like 1 or 2 hour sprint races.....I know he's working on it, and the finalized schedule will be out as soon as possible. I'll post any info I have as soon as it's available.



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