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Cage question for Super Unlimited

Pat L.

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I know Super Unlimited has an "open door" policy in regards to allowing all types of race cars to run in this "frankenstein" series, but would a car that does not conform to CCR cage rules be allowed to run in SU?


Specifically, would a car that has an integrated roll bar that passes through the firewall be allowed to run in SU?


Thanks guys and gals,

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  • National Staff

Pat, you should be fine. There are highly prepped pro series race cars that often compete here (like the Porsche Cup cars). The CCR's regarding the cage struts going through the firewall is written that way so that the default is to not allow it. However, individual series can override the default by allowing a certain number of them. Since it's not a safety violation to have a better built cage, it's legal in SU. You can run anything with closed wheels that passes safety race tech.

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Thanks for the info.


BTW, sux to see the drama on the TT list... hopefully it won't affect attendance or the nature of the series.

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