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Lights for enduro

Francis Hu

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I am planning to do my first 3 hour endurance race at Buttonwillow in April and need help to setup my lights. I have a 1990 Spec Miata. Here are some questions and ideas, and any input is appreciated

Can I run the 2 stock lights and add 2 additional lights?

Should I replace the stock seal beam lights with something brighter?

Can I run LED lights as the 2 add ons?

Any ideas how many lums or LUX I will need and what are the best light options?


Thanks in advance for your help


Francis Hu

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Lots of guys running Miatas. You may want to contact a team the regularly races one in Enduros for specific info.




3.6 Night racing

3.6.1. If the race may run past dusk, brake lights (as usual), headlights, and taillights are mandatory per the CCR. It is highly recommended that each car have at least two headlights, two taillights, and two brake lights. In the event that one light fails, the car will not be black flagged providing, that there is at least one sufficiently working light of each type. Note- Lights per these rules apply to classes that don’t require lights, such as Legends, some sports racers, etc.

3.6.2. Any number of additional driving lights may be added to the car providing that they illuminate in the forward direction. However, if the Race Director deems any lights to be excessive and/or a hazard, the car may be black flagged. In this situation the team will have three choices when pitted: 1) The offending lights must be removed, or 2) the team can retire from the race, or 3) the Race Director will disable the offending lights by whatever means necessary that is agreeable to the team.

3.6.3 Roof-mounted lights are not allowed.

3.6.4 Using colored lights to identify the team’s car at night is permitted providing that the lights and colors do not confuse other drivers (e.g. no white light to the rear). No flashing or blinking lights are allowed.

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Stock lights are nice for providing some fill, but aren't close to enough. You may be able to increase the wattage of your stock lights to make them more adequate. Be careful with current capacity of everything in the circuit, as conventional bulbs suck a lot of amps.


HID and LED auxiliary lights both provide good lumens per amp.


I have four lights in the 3000-4000 lumens range. Two face forward. Two are aimed wide for apex lighting. That gives me plenty of light.

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Hi Francis,


I just saw your post a little late for April but June is coming up fast. I have my car setup completely with LED lighting which if you bought from vision x Motorsports would easily be 2k for the same amount of lighting. I was able to find a direct source in China for these lights and I have a couple spares I could let you rent for the race (cheap) and buy them if you really like them. Wiring is simple and they will be ridiculously bright.


Contact me if you're interested.


Andrew @ Langracing.com




I was able to convince my sponsor Circuit Assembly that they should sell the lights we've been using online to try to get a more cost effective LED light out there that budget racers can use. I've added these lights to an online store I'm working on http://store.langracing.com/led-lighting/. Please compare them to some of the Vision-X lights and I think you'll find that the $/Lumen ratio is much better, and they'll hold up. If you're looking for lights for the 25 hour please contact me I'd be happy to help you pick something out and discuss mounting solutions and answer technical questions about the lights. I should have them in stock by the end of August 2012.

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I know this is an old post but wanted to chime in. Andrew has worked with us to update and improve what were already the brightest, best coverage lights at last years 25. He's the guy to talk to.

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