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Hubcentric Rings?

John A

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Hello All


I had to put a 1/4 inch spacer behind my wheels to clear my calipers but now my wheels no longer rest on the hub. The lug bolts are now the only thing holding up my wheel. What can I do to "extend" the hub so that my wheels rests on the hub and prevent my lug bolts from snapping under stress? Do I use some sort of hubcentric ring?



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Have some hub plates machined. John at ccwheel has done these for me in the past. They are basically a hub-centric spacer.



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That's the best way to do it.


Or measure the ID of the center hole of existing spacer and the hub hole in your wheel and get conventional hubcentric rings to fit those two. They come in so many sizes, they probably have the size you need.

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