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Lola Sports Racer


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Nationally competitive and cheap. $16K. 1:02 at Beaver Run. 1:18 at Summit Point. Lola 540 D Sports Racer. Conversion by Ben Beasley in 1999.


Kawasaki ZX-10 National level motor with only 200 miles including ZX-11 ported and polished head, J&E 13:1 pistons, Carrillo rods, Kropp lightened and balanced crank, dry sump, APE billet clutch basket.


Keihin 41mm Flatslides, Supertrapp. Carerra shocks. Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars plus second extra heavy front bar.


Adjustable shift light. Cockpit adjustable brake bias. Detachable steering wheel. Constant fuel mixture readout.


Six speed sequential trans with Beasley spool.


Three sets of wheels. Hoosier R25, R35, and rains all mounted. Spare freshly painted nose.


NASA and SCCA log books. Two NASA races, two overall wins. No crashes.


Also available: second motor, identical to first except no carbs or starter motor. $1500.


Email for pictures:

[email protected]


Located in south central PA.


Don MacCluskie

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