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ST3, what class for Enduro


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I think it's a good thing... ST3 essentially replaces PTA, which was E0, and there is a world of difference between ST3 and ST2, which is in ES. It gives us a place to play at the pointy end of the stick, without looking into refueling rigs, air jacks, and multiple tire changes. Same power ratios (essentially) and aero rules as AI, which is also in E0.

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yes - to be legal for your E_ class, you need to be legal for your race class that you used to convert into that E_ class. There are a couple very specific exceptions spelled out in the Enduro ruleset, but they're pretty limited.


ST3 and ST2 are the same dang thing besides the aero factor and 9.00 vs 8.00. But with AI in E0, that's probably fair.

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what I was referring to were the provisions in the Enduro ruleset that let you deviate from your class rules. ST is pretty simple, nothing to worry about besides meeting the ratio and leaving the floopan & frame alone really.

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