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AI Mustang & Trailer for Sale


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Car just went through 2012 NASA Technical Inspection and is current pending any 2013 AI rules changes. See new dyno results from NASA dyno shop below. This car is ready to run!! Just needs a good driver!


Photos at http://www.racingjunk.com/NASA-American-Iron/2854230/95-AI-Mustang-amp-Trailer.html. I can send CD with many more as well as Dyno runs for anyone interested.


o HP Motorsports (Omaha) manufactured and installed 1 ¾” (120 DOM tubing) full cage as well as much legal body lightening as possible including rear hatch w/Lexan, stock front glass; sheet metal panel w/decal for headlamps/grille.

O The engine is set back 3” in the chassis.

o Car weight approx 2,850 w/added weight + 165 lb driver to total of 3104; balanced at 1,552 each side

o Ford 331 Stroker – Rotating Assembly built 05/09 by Springfield Custom Auto Machine, Springfield, VA – One race since in 2009 – Dynoed 11/30/12 at 347.78HP/3332.42Tq at 25degrees advanced which equals minimum car weight per rules Section 8.2 “as raced” at 9lbs/HP ( non-ABS AI)= 3,131. Also dynoed at 30 degrees - 357.60hp/337.88tq & at 32 Degrees – 362.65hp/339.89tq. Note that these runs were all using a 6,000 rpm chip. As you can see in the charts, the power curve is still climbing at limiter shut-off. Car comes with 6,500 & 7,000 rpm chips as well. So, tune it as you wish and add or subtract weight as need be.

o Scat Cast Steel Crank

o Bottom-End Balanced & Blueprinted

o Mahle Forged Pistons

o Scat Steel Rods

o ARP Bolts and Studs

o Fidanza 28oz Ford Flywheel w/11” Replaceable Friction kit

o Centerforce CTF-LM021057 Light weight diaphragm clutch w/Carbon Composite 10.4 “ Disc

o MSD 6AL Ignition w/2 sets RPM modules 6,000-6,800 & 6,100-6,900 RPM

o Erson E212860 Cam Grind RH-294/365 Lift 0.584/0.584; Duration 294/302; Overlap 82.00

o Edlebrock Victor Junior Heads complete; 60cc Chambers; 210 cc runners; 2.05 Intakes/1.6 Exhaust

o Ford M-6500-R302 1.6 Ratio Rocker Arms

o Aeromotive Fuel pump & filter; hard lines from stock tank to engine bay

o Custom-Made Side-Exit Exhaust

o Canton Racing Products 15-644 7-quart Capacity Baffled Road Race Pan – Factory modified for engine setback and 12AN fittings

o Canton CM-15 Remote Oil Filter – 12AN ports

o Johnson HTP Billet Aluminum Oil Pump External Belt Driven w/12AN fittings

o 3 Quart Accusump w/12AN fittings and hard lines

o Heavy Duty Engine Oil Cooler w/ Built-in Thermostat

o Heavy Duty Aluminum Racing Radiator

o Light Weight Aluminum Drive Shaft w/ Drive Shaft Hoop

o Heavy Duty T5 Transmission –close ratios




o Griggs Torque Arm & Panhard

o Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

o Penske 8100 Double Adjustable Racing Dampers w/External Adjustable Remote Reservoirs

o Bartworks unequal length A-arms

o Subframe Connectors

o Fully Adjustable Coil-over all four corners

o Adjustable Camber-Caster Plates



o Brembo 4-piston front caliper (Cobra R 13” rotors)

o Corbra rear brakes

o 3” Brake Ducts from Front Bumper through 3” Hose to the existing Backing Plate Mounting Holes

o Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines


Wheels / Tires

o 2 Sets Ford Cobra R 17 x 9 rims

o 1 Mounted Set Toyo RA1 275 40 17 Race Tires (American Iron Series Spec. Tire) – Plenty of tread left; not shaved


Body / Paint

o Adjustable HPM Rear Spoiler

o Well worn Black paint; passes 50/50 rule


Interior / Safety

o AutoMeter Gauges w/warning light system

o Dash mounted EGR electronic read-out

o SLD5 Sequential Shift Light system o HP Motorsports full cage – see photos; lots of protection!

o Cobra Evolution Kevlar FIA Race Seat

o Brand new SFI-Rated 5-point 3 inch Racing Harness

o Brand new SFI-Rated Side-Impact Net

o Brand new SFI-Rated Window Net

o Emergency Cut-Off (Kill) Switch

o Grant Quick-Release Steering Wheel

o Cool Shirt 12 quart w/variable pump control and shirt

o Optima 34-988 Red Top Battery (Brand new) – Hard Mounted behind cool suit Icebox on passenger-side

o 2 Nozzle Fire System; Cockpit and underhood



Front & rear Brembo rotors

Full front headlight assembly

Stock 302 block



1 AFR Head (sell it to the next guy who ruins one head)

Additional weights (Lead Ingots)

Headlight decal

Miscellaneous pads/fluid/stuff


Trailer is 1989 Haulmark with current Virginina tags and inspection.


John @ [email protected] or 703-430-1912 (evenings & weekends)

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Job changes, health issues, life. Retiring end of March and relocating to Williamsburg, VA. As health improves, retirement budget and garage don't allow for race car and racing or even track time. Keeping my options open to buy a street/track car sometime in future.


So, how you be? I truly miss the outings, but a visit leads to bad decisions, so I have stayed away.



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Ah, OK. Had some health issues myself last year, plus a broken crank in my 1st qualifying session of the year.


Somebody will be getting a heck of a deal on a complete competitive package.

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