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Spec Iron Rear Camber


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I have a question about rear camber. The rules don't say anything about a limit to rear camber. They also don't have a statement about allowing a modification to the rear axle to allow rear camber. That's fine conceptually but in reality I've found that over years of hard abuse, the rear axle will often sag in the center effectively giving some rear camber. Depending on how you read the rules, there is no limit or anything other than zero is illegal. I believe it technically says the latter. If the desire is for zero, it would be good to have a +/- tolerance listed for reality. I would prefer to see a set limit at say -.5 degrees. I've been running -.8 degrees in my rear axle for years with the only drawback being increased wear on the clutch plates. I don't know how a Torsen would handle the camber...


Richard P.

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Your logic is sound. I think this is probably worth of a tech bulletin for the rules to indicate an allowable max. I'll check with the other directors on this.

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I'll find out from Ford if there is a defined tolerance from them before the axle housing is deemed unsutable. If there is we will go with that. If not I agree it'd be a good idea to add a defined limit.

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