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Spec Iron 2013 Tech Bulletins

Al F.

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This thread will serve as a notice of all rules changes, clarifications, and corrections to typo's as they are addressed for the 2013 Spec Iron season and will be incorporated into revisions of the 2013 published rules or the 2014 rules when that time comes. If you have questions about any of these, please open a different thread so that this one can remain a focused information resource.


I will have this promoted to a sticky so it is always available at the top.



There are several items being discussed for immediate revision. Please do not invest any money or time on these until we have final clarifications.


- Max rear camber is currently not mentioned. We will add a max number using Ford factory information. L

- Allowed brake components will be clarified in order to ensure the currently allowed racing ABS HCU properly functions with the rest of the components.

- Allowed air intake and PCM tuning rules are being looked at to simplify them and ensure racers only purchase parts they would actually use. The current part number points to a kit that includes mufflers.

- Definition of OEM will be clarified to ensure only US spec S197 parts are used.

- We are working with vendors to try and define and implement a spec shock/spring/hardware package.



SI rules version 2 have been published. All items above are addressed, as are two more: allowance for Toyo RR and clarifying a/c and heating components can be removed. A spec shock package is still work in progress.

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There have been a lot of questions from around the country in various regions regarding what is and what is not legal in SI roll cage designs which we wanted to address to everyone. A bit of confusion is understandable since the SI rules are more like CMC than AI in that if they dont say you can do something then you cant.


SI cages first and foremost must confrom to the CCR at a minimum (Regarding wall thickness, See CCR 15.6.18 on Page 45 for clarification).


In addition, SI cages can have the following:

- Cage tubes may be seam or stich welded to the chassis. Gussets may be used to bridge the gap between a tube and the chassis.

- The chassis metal itself can be hammered back or cut out in order to enable locating the cage tube. So, for example, in order to fit the C shaped instead of S shaped door bars, the door jamb metal could be hammered in a little, or scallop cut, or even through drilled. If cutting/removing metal, only do so to the minimum area required to fit the tube.


Of course proper engineering practices should be followed when altering the OE sheet metal as altering the OE profile or cutting material out without proper reinforcement could significantly decrease that component's strength. All of the above applies from the firewall back only as SI cages are not allowed to go through the firewall.


No change to the existing rules, simply a clarification due to the nature of some of the questions we have been receiving.

(This is a good problem to have as a number of you have your welding hoods on and are building cars for this exciting new series!!!)


If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.



AL Fernandez

Spec Iron Technical Director

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RULE CHANGE - 8/1/13


SWAYBAR ENDLINKS - It has become apparent with the new Spec Iron HVT shock package, that the front OEM swaybar endlinks will not work. In consultation with HVT, the shock package design is optimum with a shorter front swaybar endlink for road racing duty. As such, for the 2013 season, any front swaybar endlinks may be be used to accommodate the shock package. As the series develops we will learn more about the optimum endlink design, and reserve the right to spec out a particular end link. Until such time, endlinks are open (provided they are not cockpit adjustable.)


FRPP REAR UPPER SHOCK MOUNT - may be used to accommodate the Spec Iron HVT shock package.


NOTE - Any SI cars attending the National Championships are expected to be utilizing the HVT spec shock package. These shocks are now available. Some flexibility is provided for regional races in 2013 as the series grows.

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