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Spec Iron Component Removal


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Section 7.4.9 allows removal of AC controls from the dash but I don't see any corresponding allowance for removal of unused under hood equipment like the AC compressor.



Richard P.

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Section 7.11.3 Engine and Exhaust


Ford Racing M-19216-D46 a/c eliminator kit is permitted.


since both can't be mounted to the engine block, the compressor can be trashed.


Section 7.12 Plumbing


Plumbing, defined as hoses, hose ends, hard lines, associated fittings, and routing, is unrestricted provided

it serves the same function. Filters for all fluids may be added or substituted.


AC lines and components are probably defined as plumbing, so trash them too.

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Well, yeah...but that is less than ideal. Details, details...did we at least not forget to spec what engine to run? Who proof reads these things!

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Looks like the Spec Iron rules require the use of the stock 2 piece driveshaft. Anyone run one under race conditions for very long? And, if so, how does the stock piece hold up over time

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