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3.08 gear set for a Ford 8.8?


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Anyone have a 3.08 gear set for a Ford 8.8 laying around. The 2013 rule changes have me looking for one. I will order new if needed, but I thought I would ask here first.

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It's the 2013 Factory Five Challenge rules. We can now run 2.73, 3.08, or 3.27. Tried the 3.27 and ran out of RPM on long straights. The 2.73 is really tall so I think the 3.08 will be a nice compromise.

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Ok. Makes sense now. I saw this in the AI section and thought I missed something in the new rules.


We're allowed to run a usable 5th gear, so my 3.73 gears are perfect. With 3.08s, I'd being doing rolling starts in 1st.



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