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Upper 3rd link question


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Just wanted to get clarification on this:



Per updated rules:

7.14.4 Ford Racing M-5638-R rear upper link bushings are permitted.


7.14.12 Upper 3rd link of any origin may be used but must use factory mounting holes in the factory

locations on both the axle and body.



Why is particular item allow non oem replacement whereas others have remained FRPP parts? Does an upper link under 7.14.12 have to be able to run the M-5638-R bushing? For instance, Steeda makes a racing upper 3rd link that features a spherical bushing. Would this be allowable under 7.14.12.


If this is confusing I will try to clarify, but I wanted to be sure of the wording and intent on this one. Thanks.

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The allowed FR part is a higher durometer bushing that you can choose to run. Its cheap, yet its what the 500C ran. Optionally you can drop more coin on a bolt in upper link that has solid bearings. It can be adjustable for length, but must be bolt in with no mods to chassis or axle pickup points.

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