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R3 Rage head restraint for sale


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I changed seats this offseason and regrettably I can't seem to get comfortable with my R3 Rage head restraint and will have to change to a HANS. I really hate to give this up as I think it is a great design.


It was manufactured in 2008, meets SFI spec 38.1, and is size medium. I did not opt for the sliding tethers but have no problem moving my head enough to see. It is the half composite/half carbon fiber model and is in great shape. Comes with a homemade carrying case and all the hardware.



email me at [email protected]



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I had a Sparco Pro 2000 but now have the ultrashield vs halo. The Sparco is a 15 degree layback and the Ultrashield is 10 degrees and because of this I can't find the sweet spot where I can reach everything but sit far enough back so my melon doesn't touch something hard. When I'm in the seat and comfortable without any interferance I can't reach all the controls as well as I'd like and vice versa. With the R3 off I'm fine so I tried a Hans and I'm good.


This is in my spec 944 by the way.

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