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Are there usually very many AI or AIX cars for sale?


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I have been following this site, and a few others, and I do not see many quality AI or AIX cars come up for sale.


Are "For Sale" AI or AIX cars few and far between? Are there other sites where I may also want to look?


I have an 86 GT Hatch that I have had out to the track a bit, although it has some modifications (and I would like to do more) it appears that buying someone's car would be a better route to go in the long run.


I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.


Regards to all.

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about the only other site is racingjunk.com AI has it's own section in the web site. Still last Time I checked I didn't see any and I'm pretty good about Checking


Other option is to camp out on e-bay .


What Are you looking for and Looking to spend ? I know of a few cars around that are not listed for sale but could be bought.

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I've got a 99 Cobra (ex Bondurant car) that's a roller with mostly all new parts on it that I'd sell. Just needs a drivetrain a few other little things to finish it up. Has all the good stuff. PM me if interested.



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