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FS: HANS Device (Professional / Carbon Fiber)

Gabe O.

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For Sale

Used HANS Device

Professional Series - constructed of carbon fiber

(nearly half as light as the Sport or Adjustable versions!)

Size: 20M (for sizing info click here: http://hansdevice.com/core/media/media.nl?id=797&c=337809&h=237e532814ca93c7ed99 )

The tethers have been upgraded to the quick click type which have the pull strap for emergencies ($80 upgrade)

The clearcoat is in excellent shape, with normal wear patterns where the harnesses sit

FIA and SFI certified (date of manufacture is Nov2007)


Current price on hansdevice.com for a Professional Series is $995 + $80 for the quick click tether upgrade, for a total of $1075 + shipping.


I am selling mine for $740 + shipping (save $335 vs. buying a new one)

Shipping is $19 anywhere in the USA

I can be reached via text message at: (480) two one three 0861

or by email at: [email protected]


The HANS device reduces the likelihood of head and/or neck injuries, such as a basilar skull fracture (when your head is forced too far forward is literally pulled from your spinal cord), in the event of a crash. If you are doing any sort of high performance driving (HPDE, time trials, etc.), not just Race Group, you should really consider using *some* sort of head/neck restraint device. Here is a high speed camera clip that shows you what happens to your head and neck when you are involved in a frontal crash:












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