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FS: MKII MR2 Wheels + 14" R888s (cheap!)


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For Sale:


A full set of appropriately staggered MR2 Turbo 14" Rims (14x6F 14x7R +~50something offset) shod with near-full tread Toyo R888 tires 205F / 225R. These have been stored in a climate controlled area and not exposed to any sub-freezing temperatures. Total of about 5 HPDE days (individual days, not weekends)


Note: I'm not going to separate the wheels from the tires. At this price, you're basically buying a good set of tires, and I'm tossing the rims in for free.


Asking $325obo for the whole set


Located in Knoxville, TN

Could be convinced to deliver within a reasonable distance (less than 2 hours) for another $30 to cover my gas, which is probably still cheaper than shipping.









Also for-sale / free pickup


A full set of appropriately staggered MR2 Turbo 14" Rims (14x6F 14x7R +~50something offset)


These "come with" a partial set of nearly-corded (or fully corded) and completely bricked Kumho V710s along with one tire of unknown origins that is basically trash.


One rim has a rough spot around the lip, but still held air before the tire disintegrated from age. Grean if you want a disposable set of wheels for track/drift.


Toss me a $20 and they're yours (or just show up in knoxville and ask nicely). I just need them out of my shed.

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Still have these. 'Would love to see them get used up vs sitting around until they turn into bricks.


$275 and if you're near Knoxville, TN I can deliver.



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