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Underwear with 3 layer driving suit


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I have an European driving suit (OMP) which has a FIA rating (no SFI rating). I was told that I needed to wear Nomex (or similar) underwear if my suit was not SFI 3-2 The rules say 3 layers or SFI 3-2A:


15.16.2 Approved underwear ... must be worn with all suits except those made of three (3) layers or carrying a rating of SFI 3-2A/(5, 10, 15, or 20).


My suit is made from Nomex III and I count 3 layers. I don't want to be excluded at an event as there is an entry in my log book requesting I wear Nomex underwear, but after reading the rules I don't believe that I need Nomex underwear. Am I right?


PS. Why not recognise an international standard?

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FIA standards are not always stricter than SFI. As long as you can prove that you have a 3 layer suit (manufacturer documentation) than you should be fine without underwear. The burden of proof is on your to show and I would also print out the section in the CCR just in case you get a new inspector that is hung up on the SFI portion.

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