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Potential 911 GTS entry


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I'm thinking of prepping my 911 for GTS and was wondering you guys might have some advice. I've spent the last few years doing DE events with PCA, but my car doesn't fit well into their club racing classes ...


My car is an 73 RSR fiberglass widebody tribute: running 245/315mm NT01's on 17" BBS motorsport wheels; 3.4L motor with 46mm PMO carbs and crank fire ignition; big torsion bars, bilstein sport struts, polybronze bearings, sways, adjustable spring plates; rebuilt stock brakes with pagid pads, drilled rotors and stainless lines.


There doesn't seem to be much out there about 911's running in GTS, but I already have the car and its fairly well sorted. I'm having a full cage installed in place of the Safety Devices bolt-in I'm currently running.


Questions for those who have/are running 911's:


- Torsion bars. Can I still keep my big torsion bars, or will I have to upgrade to a coil over to be competitive? Car seems stiff enough and is very flat, but ...


- Aero. Seems to be the weak point. I'm currently running a ducktail, and can already feel the need to reduce front end lift. I'm ordering an RSR splitter and under tray. If I added a GT Racing GT3 style tail base with a 60" wing, would this be "enough"?


- Brakes. Cooling seems to be the only issue for me right now. I can out brake most cars with the stock brakes and Pagid blacks - and even lock them up. But I'm starting to experience some fade during longer sessions. Do you think a cooling upgrade will suffice?


I haven't dyno'd the motor yet - the car is currently 2450 pounds without driver (RS interior, two seats and a stereo), so I figure somewhere around 2630 pounds with the new cage. That would mean 181 v. 239 hp for GTS 2/3. Seems like detuning the motor for GTS2 will be the way to go v. running with stripped e36 m3's and RS America's in GTS3. That way, I could even keep two seats in the car and have a more robust cage built to keep the weight a little higher ...


Anything else I'm not taking into consideration? Thanks!

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