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How far in front of the main hoop does the seat need to be?


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Just wanted to see if there is a specific distance the seat back needs to be from the main hoop ? Thanks for the help!!

While I can't speak for the upcoming 2014 CCR, CCR 2013.2 doesn't state anything, so you can do what you want as long as it isn't blatantly unsafe. Will your seat installation be too close to or too far from the main hoop? I do recall that NHRA gives a maximum distance in their rules (if you are looking for some sort of a guide). At a minimum, install cage padding where the CCR recommends (and anywhere else that your arms, legs, or helmet could contact a tube).


Why not put the main hoop as far back as possible (say, about 1" in front of the rear wheelwells), then push the driver's seat back against it? Oh yeah, because CMC (see the last sentence of 2014 CMC rule 7.8.3). It's fine in TT/PT, though. This gives you room to climb out the window when you install an FIA A-pillar bar and a LaJoie head containment seat, although it does not magically transform a car with a balance of 59F/41R to 50/50.


Even if you install the main hoop in the back seat and leave the driver's seat in its normal location, you can move your ballast further back per CMC rule 7.7.



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