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Short arms and the shifter is so far away


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Hello all. I am new to the forum and to AI. I just bought a slightly abused '98 Mustang GT and will be building my very own AI car from it. It is getting ready for some track days as the build progresses, starting with chassis and suspension work. The cage will follow soon, I hope.


I'm a small guy and when I'm strapped into the car reaching 5th gear is almost too much. I have to slide over in the seat, rotating my shoulders to make the gear. I can see over-revs in my future from missing shifts. I've seen shifters moved back but my searches on-line for a kit have yielded no results. Does anybody have a suggestion? Does everyone build their own?


Thanks for any help. I imagine asking uneducated questions will become common as this is my first track-car build.

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I have a shifter extension that came with my car that the PO bought from Agent 47. It's never been installed so I don't know how much it actually helps, but looking at the pictures it looks like it will do what you want. If I get a chance this weekend I'll put it next to my current shifter (Steeda Tri-Ax) to compare the difference.



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KMB, all these guys mean well but dont over think it.....aluminum plate with 4 holes in it. You choose how far back it comes by how far back you drill the 2nd set of holes. Make it thick enough not to bend!



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Thank you all. I'll start with a plate and then move on to one of the remote set-ups after I get the car running. Somehow I've killed the car. Something about a passive anti-theft.


Any one know somebody that can re-flash my computer? But that's another topic.

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