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Can I run PFC 08 in Front and PFC 11 in Rears?

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I ran PFC 06's 2 years ago and didn't have a single complaint. In the following year 06's were phased out so I opted for 08's. While rotor wear was pretty good, I found the initial bite to be worse than 06's. I'm ready to replace pads again and would like something more aggressive so I'm looking at the 11's. But I have 2 questions:



1) Would the 11's wear characteristics be similar to 01's or would they be closer to 06's?

2) Has anyone run a "staggered" pad setup? I'm thinking perhaps running 08's up front and 11's in the rear.


My setup is Z4 coupe 3.0, Stoptech ST40 up front, stock calipers in the rear. This is strictly a DE car that sees about 12 track days per year.

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