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28' enclosed dovetail race trailer


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2009 model. Was originally built for a motorcycle enthusiast, but only very lightly used.


We used it for one (half) season only.




* Finished out high-ceilinged trailer

* Wired for AC (110/220) & DC.

* Interior fluorescent (AC) and halogen (DC) lighting.

* Powered awning.

* Double-axle torsion bar suspension.

* Latching cabinets over and under counter.

* Latching closet.

* Rubber flooring

* Low dovetail.

* Exterior floods.

* Fully paneled walls and ceilings. Lower walls are carpeted.

* Exterior generator door.

* Fold-up bench/bed.

* Folding wall-mounted tire rack

* Helmet gear rack

* A/C and heater.

* E-track everywhere.

* Fold-out rear tailgate ramp.

* Double side door with bar lock.

* Roof platform with ladder and railings.

* New tires purchased before last season and have about 4k miles on them.

* Wall-mount for television/computer monitor.

* Rear door drop-down screens.

* Trailer stored indoors when not being used.






I posted some pictures on the NASA RockyMountain forums: http://www.nasarockymountain.com/nasa_forums/showthread.php?t=6341

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