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Winning, Well Developed Firebird Race Car 400 HP $20,000

Pegasus Racing

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Highly competitive and complete car for alot less than building your own. In this car you can WIN!


Asking $20,000 for the car; $25,000 for car and spares package. Will consider less if you don't want Penske shocks and Wilwood Brakes.


Conact Andrew Kopperl 617-308-9090 cell, 617-367-8475 office or email [email protected] for more info/photos.


400 HP / 400 ft/lbs torque from Marv Palmer (Bilmar) and Kim Baker LT-1 Motors (3 in total plus extra heads) Hooker Headers. Accusump.


Full Cage. OMP carbon fibre seat; OMP suede steering wheel.


Aluminum Race Radiator. $3K Wilwood 6 Piston Brakes. $5K Penske Race Shocks with remote reservoirs (plus 2 spare front shocks recently revalved) and with adjustable rear spring perches.


Dry-Break Fueling, No Cell. 2 sets of ZR1 9 x 17 wheels. 5 Auburn locking rears.


Enough spares to run several seasons, including 2 engines - 1 complete and 1 needing assembly; 2 computers, 3 distributors - good used, extra rods and pistons, pushrods, roller rockers, large supply of valve springs and retainers, engine cradle, at least 3 left and 3 right upper and lower control arms, 3-4 steering racks and power steering pumps, extra torque tubes, control arms and panhard bars for rear suspension, at least 4 front and 4 rear wheel bearing hubs, ABS controller and sensors, fuel lines, large variety of springs front and rear, extra set of front Penske Race shocks newly refurbished and valved; doors l + r; drive shaft, axles, new rear-end housing, 5 Auburn Differentials, various sway bars f + r, 2 into 1 Borla race exhaust, exhaust manifolds, a dozen PBR calipers f + r and a stack of rotors, supply of still good brake pads, extra set of ZR1 Wheels 9.5 x 17; Fuel containers; I may have an extra transmission (may belong to my crew chief but I know I have an LS1 tranny) and enough miscellaneous electrical, rubber and hard parts to last a long time. There's probably more that I'm not thinking of as we have storage boxes filled with parts. I have been asking $6,000 for the parts (extra Penske’s are worth $2,500 while the complete Bilmar Engine is worth $3,500).


Extremely well developed and complete package that has been consistently maintained and will work well in the American Iron or Camaro / Mustang Challenge with modest modifications.

Click on links for race action pictures:



















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Do you have any pictures of the interior, engine bay, and suspension. Also, any pictures of the extra engine and spares package would be great as well.


The car certainly looks incredibly clean.



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