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New/used Civic Si-Accord V6-Acura TSX & RSX parts for sale

Eric Rosenberg

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We are making some changes to our Civic Si H/C car and have some new and slighted used parts we'd like to move out of the garage. We would like to sell the following:


1. NGK plugs (BKR8EIX, stock number 40057): 4 brand new, 4 used for just one hour of track time. Sell all 8 together (you can never have too many spares). New, they sell for over $7 on Ebay and Amazon. We'll sell the new ones for only $4/unit and the used one for just $2/unit for a total of just $24.


2. Performance Brake slotted rotors (part number ES.40057): (2) fronts 300mm wide, 28mm thick. These are Accord, RSX & TSX rotors but can be run on Civics using V-6 Accord and TSX calipers (standard upfit arrangement). These come in their factory boxes. Typically they retail for well over $100/rotor. We're only asking $60/rotor plus shipping.


I have photos of each item so please e-mail with any questions or request of photos.


Thank you,





[email protected]

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