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Spec Iron in other clubs?


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Has/will anyone run a Spec Iron car in any other clubs. I'm thinking about building/buying one and need a place for the wife to race it as well. I figured I would run the car with NASA and hopefully she could race it in a different club.


Right now we're sharing a SM (similar Miata) in the Great Lakes/Midwest and really like the look of the Spec Iron class.



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Spec Iron fits easily into SCCA American Sedan A/S with almost no changes. If you are not already going to, put two door bars on the passenger side, that's it. You also have to move the rear coil over springs to the stock spring location and you are good to go.


Terry Fair at Vorshlag makes a slick ride height adjuster to move the rear springs to the factory locations. The only other item is the lower front strut brace, the plain one is not legal, but the one with the scoop to cool the transmission is. Go figure.


I have a SCCA A/S and NASA Spec Iron log book for mine


If you are worried about being competitive, check out what Aaron was able to do in his Spec Iron car.

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