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Radio question. UHF or VHF / Dual ?


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Looking to pick up a radio set-up but there are way too many different types. I found one company that sells a dual compatible UHF / VHF radio. 5 watts I believe. Any input would be appreciated. TIA.

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UHF tends to go around corners better, but has shorter range. as the frequency is higher, the wavelength is shorter and that tends to help UHF reflect off hard objects like buildings and whatnot, allowing it to "bend" around corners.


VHF has longer range over flat terrain with its lower frequencies and longer wavelengths, but it's more directional too. If you're in a hilly area, VHF may not be the best option.


The new VHF/UHF ones from BaoFeng (Rugged Radios has them stick their name on them) are pretty slick. I just bought a few of them and they work pretty well for a $40 radio. I would prefer a quick charge option for them, but I haven't seen one yet. I just bought the extended battery packs for them and charged overnight, but they still worked all day at the last dual 8-hr WRL race at Hallett. it's a short track, but we could hear everywhere on the track without issues.

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