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2015 Rules Proposals now posted ... open through Nov 30


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For 2015, we have 11 rules change proposals for GTS. These have been posted in this database (all have titles beginning with PROPOSED RULE 2015). General discussion on these suggestions will be open through November 30, at which point the regional GTS Series Directors and I will confer and decide which, if any, to implement.


Considering some of the challenges facing us in GTS these days, half of these suggestions have to do with leveling the playing field in terms of power to weight in one way or another. Please consider these carefully as there are some pretty interesting ideas here and it's possible the correct solution, if there is such a thing, might come from a hybrid of two or more of the concepts suggested.


As always, thank you for your participation in this process, and I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone that we expect constructive and civil discourse. We are discussing ideas here, not pointing fingers.


Thanks again.

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