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HPDE 1 or 2 days?


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Hello all, I am about to sign up for the NASA HPDE 1 event at New Orleans Motor Sports Park on May 23 & 24.

I am trying to decide between doing the 1 or 2 day event. how much track time do the HPDE 1 drivers get typically on the first day? are both days pretty much the same? there seems to be a lot going on, HDPE 1-4, time trials, racing etc...so i don't know the actual track time HDPE 1 gets each day.

A little background on me: I have never driven on a track before. I recently purchased a 1993 Twin Turbo Nissan 300zx. The car is in perfect condition with 73k original miles on it. the car is pretty much stock outside of JWT stage 3 boost kit, JWT upgraded clutch, & stainless steel brake lines . I am not very mechanically inclined but i am very interested in learning. I want to baby this car, keep it the way it is and enjoy it for years to come, but i also want to have fun with it . I want to be able to enjoy it on the track but i really don't want to cause any issues by running it to hard while at the track. i have read that everyone recommends track pads and upgraded brake fluid. i will look into getting this done before the track day. Question: do i really need to get track brake pads and only use them for this track weekend? ( i am going to get my masters starting this summer, so this will be the only chance i have to track the car for probably ~2 years. i only drive this car on the weekends)

any other advice?

thank you in advance for your help answering my questions.

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Amount of track time is going to be somewhat region- and event-specific so it's best to contact the regional director or event director. Keep in mind less than 25% of HPDE drivers use all the track time they paid to be part of, so don't sweat the total number of minutes too much.


I know in at least four NASA regions I can think of, HPDE1 is always a two-day entry only - to make sure the basics are fully taught and extensively practiced/reinforced. So that's what I recommend.


Track brake pads aren't required but are helpful. I'd pay more attention to the fluid.


Hope it helps

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I think a reasonable expectation would be four twenty minute sessions per day. As mentioned, most events are one fee for two days.


Agree with importance of upgraded fluid. I also strongly recommend track pads. Brake fade makes it hard to have fun and harder to learn. If you spend the money for a track day just get the pads put on. Yes, you can drive them on the street even though many manufacturers warn against it. I've street driven race pads in 5 degree weather and they do just fine. The primary drawback is that the squeal and make a lot of dust. If you are interested in learning to work on the car, changing brake pads is a great place to start and requires only minimal tools.

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