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GTS3 or GTS4 - Texas and surrounding states


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I'm building a 2011 Cayman S (PDK) to race in GTS. You can see the build on my team's Facebook page:


Looking at the 2015 season standings in the TX NASA region it looks like a good field of cars in GTS3, but not so much in GTS4. I am certainly up for travel but wanted your take on where the class is going. Is GTS4 a growing class with all the higher HP cars coming out or people leaping right into GTS5...


I haven't figured out where the car is going to end up weighting but to run GTS3 - it looks like I'm going to need to ballast up. I don't mind doing that but did want your feedback first.



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I'm at 3050!post race and I bet you will be less. I'm sure you would need a lot of ballast or restrictor for the engine.

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We usually have 3 GTS3 BMWs at NOLA. There are at least 2 more in the works, and a couple

of GTS3 Boxers in our region.

Come join us!

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Yes, Texas has had a lot of growth in GTS2 & GTS3. Not much in GTS4. Ballast up, detune, and/or use a restrictor to get down to GTS3 and go race with a good bunch of competitors in NASA TX.



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