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Changing Factory Five 818R -.4 Non Production car to -.2


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I would like to see a change in the Non Production penalty for the Factory Five 818R. It should go from -.4 to -.2 Non Production penalty in ST2 and ST1.


This warranted change is based on the other Factory Five cars have this same exemption, and surprisingly the Lotus 2 Eleven Factory Built Race Car having a -.2 Non production penalty. The Lotus 2 Eleven is the basis of this Factory Five 818R, yet it is built in peoples garages, not at a Lotus factory with all their research budgets. These two cars are not created equal, yet the Factory Five 818R is penalized more. I think adopting the same -.2 Non Production on the Lotus 2 Eleven to the Factory Five 818R is more than justified and a great start.


Please consider this change.



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