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CLOSED NEW! 2016 Rule Change -Add method of compliance check

Michael G.

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Okay, but who is detuning their motors 40-50%? The only way you could come close to that assumption is by using somebody's declared hp level compared to the manufacturer's published hp#. That is not a true/fair comparison since you're talking about published hp at the crank and comparing it to rwhp which is what we use. So take my car for example: I'm running an s62 now with a published hp of 394, but in actuality puts down more like 330-340whp (from the factory). I ran my car at 296whp this past year, which would mean I detuned the car 13% (using 340 as the starting point). That is hardly an extreme detune, but if I had to guess I'd say that a car like mine is one that is being targeted. Point is, stop distorting things by saying people are detuning 40-50%! I'm not sure if that would even be possible if you're comparing apples to apples (factory whp to declared whp). This whole discussion is just crap!

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This whole discussion is just crap!




It appears I'll be losing two competitors (so far) next year to other racing orgs, both citing this rules churn as a major cause. Fields are already very small and there's no way I shall be entering to come 1st-of-1 all the time.


God's sake, let's just run the 2015 rules and stop all this counterproductive nonsense. If we really really really really need to change something then just switch to 100% area-under-the-curve, then the whole detuning advantage simply evaporates.

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I proposed removing the wording/use of the black boxes until they work.


The black box compliance tool needs a lot before it can be used to determine horsepower. Using it for anything else is a bad idea. You cannot compare cars blindly.

If we want a compliance tool, I can assist with this. We need GPS, TPS, and RPM. We might need video as well. (To see if any questionable segments are with a tow or a push).


We need simple rules.

Classing should be purely power and weight. We need a way to verify weight (scales) and power (dyno). If we have a black box, we should use it to verify power given knowing weight.

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