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Proposal to mark ecu's for GTS cars with electronic tuning


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A large number of GTS cars (a majority of the BMW's in MA and NE) run OEM engine management systems. Tuning is adjusted on these cars by ecu swaps or OBDII tuning. There appears to be a widespread belief, even among GTS leadership, that drivers are swapping ecu's at events to gain an advantage. To eliminate any possibility of this, all GTS cars running OEM engine management systems will have their ecu's labeled by a NASA official. The tagging should be in a manner that prevents the ecu from being removed from the car undetected. (For example, using a tag that either seals the ecu compartment or crosses over the wires from the car to the ecu connection). As part of compliance checking during impound, the marking will be confirmed by a NASA official. Any discrepancy will result in a DQ. GTS drivers who intend to participate in TT which requires the use of a different tune will need to discuss this with a NASA official at the event. In these situations, 2 ecu's will be marked and verified post race for each event. OBD ports will also be sealed by an official to eliminate any potential pc tune modification.

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I'm for any additional simple compliance mechanism that doesn't screw up the performance formula.


As an added bonus, blackbox data can be correlated to a specific ECU and associated dyno graph.

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