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BMW 328 Engine Potential


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My son and I are building an E36 (318) eventually for PT and maybe ST in the future. Step one is to get the car on the track for HPDE and TT for 2016. My question is this: the current engine is the 318/1.8L motor. We are considering the 318 engine as a platform for Turbo, taking all necessary precautions with boost and eventual rebuild. Our other option is we have a 1999 328 engine, needing a full rebuild, for a swap. Do any GTS drivers have experience with this engine? My thought is the larger engine with some light engine mods will deliver reliable horsepower for a competitive PT car. But the Turbo sounds really cool...


Any thoughts or experiences other BMW racers can share?

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My apologies to the Moderators, there are two posts with the same topic. I posted this message first and did not see it listed in the forum and thought I spaced it on hitting the summit button. Any responses to this post (my original) or the second are greatly appreciated.

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Yes, I have some experience.


Was running 1996 328i with stock (high mileage) engine prior to 2015 with

Shark Injector,

cold air intake

headers and

track pipe

and was making approx 190 RWHP.


After complete rebuild, add M50 intake, M3 cams and updated Shark Injector tune it can make 245 RWHP.


I run a restrictor plate and ballast to stay in GTS2 class.


Good luck and have fun.

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