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Open Letter to GTS Members

Michael G.

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Open letter to NASA GTS Members:


We understand that proposed changes to the series are hard and seem to contradict the original intent of GTS, but ultimately we all want GTS to grow and be successful. numerous concerns of perceived cheating were brought by members. It increasingly clear that this is affecting our numbers and that if we do not change there may eventually be no GTS due to natural attrition and lack of growth.    No one wants to race against 1-2 cars in their class.  So as difficult as this is, we must change to preserve and kick start growth in the series.


Do we believe in the spirit and intent of GTS?  Absolutely.  However, we also see that GTS has been declining for several years and that "staying the course" will not improve that.  So as leaders we bear the difficult job of making decisions that we know will be instantly unpopular with some but long term will preserve the viability of this premier racing group. 


We will provide you with a few new things this coming year to make this a more participative and transparent process:


1. A comment form and member surveys to assess the impact on the series.

2. A feedback summary of this member input.
3. Regular communication about the challenges we are encountering and potential solutions.

4. An online national Dyno registry for full transparency of series participants.


Understand that we have heard you.  While we are committed to some change, some of your feedback is reflected in adjustments to the revised rules.    We will continue to apply efforts in developing compliance tools.  Our promise to you is that we will continue to listen to your suggestions and adjust as necessary to provide a flexible series that allows drivers and builders latitude in how to build their race cars.  We cannot make a positive change without some adjustments but we do want your input throughout the coming season so we can change for the better and rebuild GTS into the series we all want it to be.




Michael Gershanok,

GTS National Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Bryan Cohn

Technical Manager of Competition

NASA Pro Racing


Chris Streit,

GTS Mid-West Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Ed Baus,

GTS Great Lakes Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Tony Colicchio,

GTS Nor California Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Chris Orr,

GTS Central Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Blake Troester,

GTS Utah Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Steve Marlow.

GTS Arizona Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Eric Wong,

GTS Mid Atlantic Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Kyle Yepsen

GTS Texas Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing


Dan Goodman,

GTS Rocky Mountain Series Leader

NASA Pro Racing

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