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2016 NP01 Rules and Series outline (Schedule) Posted


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Rules Released as official Version 1.1



Rule Change Highlights from Draft Version:


Section 7 - In addition to the provided location in front of the seat, ballast may be added to the areas between the frame channels beneath the driver's seat. Ballast may be mounted using unused mounting bosses for the pedal assembly.


Section 11 - Clarification on quick fill options. Single quick fill may be used in combination with one standard filler neck. Brand of quick fill is not restricted, but the body and chassis may not be modified.


Section 11 - Allow use of Holly Hydramat fuel blanket pickup in fuel cell. Cell and/or bladder may not be modified.


Section 12 - Add radiator fan and optional alternator options as supplied by Elan as permitted. Window defogger may be



Section 13 - Allow addition of fuel level sensor. Recommended sensor is available from http://www.centroidproducts.com/ and may supply 0-5V output voltage directly to the AiM display. Filler plate may be modified to install sensor.

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Pending rule changes for Version 1.2


17. Steering

a) Steering wheel is unrestricted. Push button style steering wheel release are NOT allowed. 6 sided, ring style or the FIA type steering wheel hubs are permitted.

b) Any Torrington or Apex joint may be used in the steering column as a replacement part.

c) Any steering rack stops may be used. Material is free.

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