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IRS Swap in SRA SN95 Mustang Points Taken?


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Searched but only found motor swap questions and answers. Does anyone know how many points would have to be taken if swapping an IRS out of a 99-04 Cobra into a 1996 Mustang GT? Thanks.

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Doesnt matter the "points" as its not allowed for your year model. I know b/c I have done the swap myself.


I went trough the SE TT Regional Director and the FL TT director (who did the swap).


At first, i was informed i could do it and it was going to be a +6 for relocation of suspenions mount points, + control arms, sway bar, springs, and on down the list you go.


You could imgaine i was a bit annoyed to find out that i was given misinformation after I thought I had done my due diligence. Such is life, but there is still a way out.


Dyno relcass, that is all.


Its debatable at alot of levels but the IRS is considered a subframe in which case subframe swaps aren't allowed, but Gregs opinion is the only one that mattered. Ford doesnt even call it a subframe but most aftermarket companies and peoples opinions that matter do.


The establishment will give you hell for this avenue as well.


Can it be done, sure it can be but you will be forced to dyno re-class this season.


Next season, Lord knows what will happen given the possible changes to the TT(letters) next year.


Standard school of thought is and will chime in that a solid axel with a TA setup is more than adequte at lower levels of competition.


Good luck! I already commited so I will be going with the flow.

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