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*SOLD* 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP ZOK with SCCA logbook

codename Bil Doe

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I am selling for personal reasons I prefer not to discuss. Car is prepped to win in T2, will take zero points for ST3.


This car was originally built by Phoenix Racing and finished 10th at the 2007 Runoffs. It has been fully updated to 2016 T2 rules. Fully prepped to the rules including spring/shock tuning and weight reduction.


Pontiac Solstice GXP ZOK prepped to 100% of the legal limits for SCCA T2. Car is prepped and ready to compete and win 2016 Runoffs at Mid Ohio, but I will be endurance racing this season instead. Also legal for NASA ST2/ST3 with a dyno detune.


Only 3,426 miles on the car (whole car, not just the engine. See suspension pics)


Always run with Amsoil Dominator oil, Amsoil gear oil, Stoptech STR 600 brake fluid.


SCCA logbook, cage by Phoenix Racing. 100% of this car has been gone over,  retuned, and and rebuilt to the LEGAL limit of the rules. <3,000lb race weight with 160# driver. (2950lb min for T2. Would have to ballast a little and detune for ST2/ST3).


Custom tunes with HPTuners developed over several months of tuning specific to this car for 91, 100, 110 octane included (approx 315/375 on 91, 365/400+ on 100, 390/400+ to wheels on 110).


Two sets of CCW C14 18x9.5's with Hoosier 295-18 A6's, one set stock rims with older 245-18 Hoosier wets.



Most recent October test and tune the car was lapping in the 1:40's at Sears Point on 100 octane tune.


Comes from factory with double a-arm suspension, coilovers, eccentric bolts for adjustable caster and camber front AND rear (only GM vehicle with adjustable rear caster), GXP ZOK sway bars. $300 digital rear caster measurement tool will be included. 


Diff cooler


Custom Delrin LCA bushings for max camber (set to -3° for T2)


Cobalt SS Brembo calipers with Carbotech XP20 front pads, XP 12 rear pads


Corvette carbon edition alcantara steering wheel


Penske 8300 double adjustable coilovers with remote reservoirs revalved this season to match spring rates


Spring rates front and rear tuned to current setup.


Custom exhaust with Coastfab muffler (<90dB @ Laguna Seca, weighs <4lb)


Two new harnesses and Momo Daytona driver seat 


Refreshed motor w/new timing chain, cam actuators, vvt solenoids, turbo, rocker arms, tensioner, and chain


FACTORY GM carbon fiber top (can only be bought with ZOK package car)


Spares include extra transmission, extra turbo, spare Norm's fiberglass coupe top for coupe conversion ($1600), factory GM race ecu. Several other spare parts included.


Fully prepped to the legal limits of the rules. Car in process of getting new vinyl graphics for 2016 season. Some pics can be seen below. More pics and info available. Price negotiable.






May consider trade for street car. Not looking for another race car.


email: bildoe AT geemale DAHT com (one "L" in bildoe)




call/text: (phore-oh-ate) too-tree-zheero zheero-phore-phive-ate



Car located in San Jose, CA

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