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FS: 1986 RX7 LS1/T2 Rear End Swapped - SC - $8000


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I bought this less than a year ago and only put a few hundred miles on it. Here is the original for sale link: http://www.norotors.com/index.php?topic=22386.msg289886#msg289886

Here is current Craigslist ad: http://columbia.craigslist.org/cto/5496467991.html


Since buying this, I've had done/added the following:


93 octane dyno tune (305whp)

Nitto NT-05s (255 front/274 rear)

New Quick Release Steering Wheel

Magnaflow Mufflers (the straight through ones that came on the car were unbelievably loud

No rotors premium floor mats (black mats with red no rotors lettering)


Also purchased the following but have not installed:


Hood latch cable

3 Gauge CF mold to replace dash idiot light cluster area


Car drives great and has not given me any problems. A few items that the previous owner did not address and neither have I are as follows:


Rear end bushing needs replacing (you can hear it squeak over bumps)

LS1 Tick. The tick comes on after warming up slightly and goes away after full warm up. Some people don't care but I am a bit OCD and would have addressed this at the same time I was planning on adding a baffled oil pan/better rods/springs/possible better oil pump. I've been told it is probably a sticky lifter.

Water Coolant gauge does not appear to work. Most likely easy fix.

Gas gauge goes to about 3/4 full when fully filled so that would need to be fixed.


Why am I selling? Few reasons. I've had some unexpected expenses come up (foundation repair on a rental property) and I don't see myself having the time to enjoy/learn the car. My plans were road racing (HPDE) events as the car is light especially since it is very basic (no power locks,doors,steering/no AC/no sunroof).


So if you have not looked at the previous sale link here are the details:


1998 LS1 engine with 108k, 99 wiring harness and PCM

2001 T56 with 140k

Ram Powergrip Clutch

MGW Short Throw Shifter

Custom 3.5" Cold Air Intake

C6 Corvette exhaust manifolds

2.5" x-pipe

C4 corvette drive shaft

Ronin LS1 Mount kit

C4 Corvette aluminum radiator

Ford Focus Cooling fans

Lokar Throttle cable

Fragola PTFE Stainless steel braided lines and fittings, PTFE hose won't break down like normal fuel line and its ethanol resistant.

Walbro 400 LPH Fuel Pump

Corvette Fuel Filter

Integra Speedo Mod

Aftermarket Hood and front bumper (Ronin or Ronin clone)

KYB AGX shocks

Ground Control Coilovers

Stainless steel brake lines

Mazda 929 Brake Master Cyl

7/8 Wilwood Clutch Master Cly

Stainless Steel clutch line.

Quick release steering wheel

Drag DR-31 wheels 17x8 fronts and 17x9 rears

Optima Gel Cell Battery

Aluminum Battery bracket

150 AMP battery Circuit Breaker

Complete Turbo II brakes and rear end


Bought the car September last year for $ 7500.00 (driven only on nice days since then so very few miles)

Dyno Tune (performed at Panic Motor Sports here in Columbia SC) cost me $ 450.00

Nitto NT-05 tires installed (Nuttals tire here in Columbia SC) cost me $ 850.00

No Rotors floor mats cost me $ 150.00

Hood latch cable and 3 gauge CF dash mold cost me $ 125.00

New Quick Release Steering Wheel cost me $ 125.00

Magnaflow Mufflers (installed by The Muffler Shop here in Columbia SC) cost me $ 300.00


So grand total is $ 9,500.00 for everything. Asking $8000.00.


Some pics (click on previous for sale ad for lots more!): http://s230.photobucket.com/user/TimelessSmurF/library/1986%20LS1%20Swapped%20RX7?sort=3&page=1


Please PM me with any questions.





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