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Prince SR-5 sports racer with Yamaha R-1 and Quaife diff


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The Prince SR-5 is currently configured for B-Mod autocross / Solo II although originally built and successfully compaigned as a DSR roadrace car. It is an 80" wheelbase car, 60" overall width and is right at minimum class weight. Most all the hard work has been done. Some details remain, but it is a VERY solid car. Could be a contender Auto-X or hillclimbs or returned to wheel-to-wheel racing in P2 with some effort and upgrading.


- 1989 Prince SR5 DSR (one of one) Includes homologation certificate and logbooks to day one.

- Decker bodywork(a little rough as-is, but with a weekends work it will be fine).

- 2002 Yamaha YZF R1 w/Power Commander 5 & Auto Tune.

- Spare low mileage motor(complete) included.

- New Taylor Racing Torsen type limited slip differential & mount (original spool type diff

included w/car).

- Wheels: 3 pc Keiser Kosmo modular wheels,6” Front, 8” Rear – spare set of steel wheels included.

- Koni Shocks.

- New molded plastic “enduro fuel cell” installed by previous owner(needs replacement for P2).

- New AGM battery this year(needs proper hold-down built).

- new JSP dual plane carbon fiber rear wing along with original wing and mount.

- Includes misc spare suspension pieces along with the usual boxes of "stuff" accumulated over

the years.


***** Pat Prince has said that he still has all the drawings and can reproduce parts for the car if needed.*****


Car was weighed last year and was at minimum with 200 lb driver and full tank of fuel. Over the winter the engine was lowered and moved to the left and forward. Also, as much wiring and misc components were moved to the left side of the car for better balance (Right Hand drive but with RH shifting as well). I have not had the car back on the scales this year. Needs a thorough once-over(nut and bolt, suspension set-up, general maintenance) and new tires to be back on course. Previous owner was campaigning the car at regional auto-x when I bought it last year.


The cockpit is set-up for a driver with a maximum inseam of 32". If needed, the seat-back panel can be rebuilt/re-angled to render more legroom if necessary. It's a simple aluminum panel.


$12,000 or $11,000 w/o spare R-1 motor. Offers/trades +/- cash?????


Contact me via e-mail at w650gb500-at-gmail-dot-com or feel free to give me a call at (570)417-5567.


Located in Northeast PA and can assist with reasonable delivery.


Would consider a possible trade for +/- cash:

- 18'-20' enclosed trailer.

- Mini Cooper S.

- a nice convertible.

- skid steer.

- mini excavator.

- small pontoon boat.

- ? Let me know what you might have ?


Link to photobucket album(disregard the first few LeGrand pictures):


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