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(GA) 2007 STI Limited #576, UGM


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Price: $20k OBO

Location: Atlanta, GA (Sandy Springs)

Miles: 89,XXX

Color: UGM

VIN: JF1GD776X7L503720

Title: Clean and in hand!

All Photos: http://imgur.com/a/BWug7


I have decided to put my Urban Gray Metallic 2007 Subaru STI Limited #576 up for sale. The car is located in Atlanta, GA, but is still registered in TX as I just recently moved to GA. The TX state inspection and registration is valid until March, 2016. There is no lien on the STI. Title is clear and in-hand. This car is a turbo swap away from 400/400 awhp/awtq! It was previously making 383/380 with a Blouch 1.5XTR turbo and a larger TMIC on 93 pump gas.


The car has just under 90k miles (89,713 as of 5/8/16), and will barely go up as this is not my daily driver. I purchased it used from a Subaru dealer in Knoxville, TN back in August 2009. I am the second owner, and the car had 16,091 miles when I acquired it.


KBB lists my STI as $19k Private Party in Good condition and $21k Retail. As it sits, I am asking $20k. Yes, it is high. Yes, I am flexible on the price! It isl negotiable!


Since the purchase, I have modified the car to be a better all-around daily driver/weekend fun car. I love to autocross and have been axing this car since 2009. I got into track events (HPDE) in 2010 and regularly took the STI to 3-5 events per year. Within the past 3 months, I have removed most of the aftermarket go-fast parts (turbo, TMIC, etc) I had on the vehicle to make the sale easier. There is a current modifications list further down.


As a STI Limited, the car has all the usual STI equipment and some extras:

1. Black, heated leather seats.

2. Sunroof.

3. Black carpet with extra sound deadening.

4. Black Brembos

5. Numbered plaque on center console.


Recent Maintenance:

1. Stage 1 Dyno Tune by Doug Wilkes at DBW Motorsports

2. Coolant system pressure-tested, no issues

3. Plugs replaced with NGK Iridium, 1-Step Colder

4. Compression Test Completed, Numbers are 1/3-150, 2/4-135

5. Leakdown Test Completed, < 20% on all 4 Cylinders

6. Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders Replaced

7. Oil changed & coolant flushed

8. Driver’s Side Outer Tie Rod Replaced and Alignment Completed

9. New OEM PCV Valve Installed

10. Brand New Tires, < 200 miles!



As the car sits today (5/8/16), it has the following modifications:



1. TopSpeed RR.5 Shortblock (installed July 2012 at 60,500 miles)

-CP Pistons (99.75)

-Manley Rods

-ACL Bearings

-08+ STI Nitraded OEM Crankshaft

-08+ STI OEM Water Pump

2. K&N Typhoon Intake

3. Trimmed OEM Heatshield coated with VHT Flameproof

4. Stage 1 Oopen Source Tune by Doug Wilkes at DBW Motorsports

5. Megan Racing Group N Motor Mounts

6. Mishimoto Black Silicone Turbo Inlet

7. Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump (GSS 342)

8. Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors

9. Killer B Oil Pickup

10. Killer B Baffling/Windage Tray

11. Grimmspeed EBCS

12. Air Pump Delete w/ KS Tech Block-Off PLate

13. TopSpeed TGV Deletes

14. GrimmSpeed 3mm Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacers

15. NGK 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs

16. VF48

17. Tomei Timing Belt Guide

18. Ixiz Concepts Hood Struts



1. Subaru Extra-S 75w90 in the Transmission and Rear Differential

2. Megan Racing Group N Transmission Mount

3. TiC Transmission Crossmember Bushings

4. ACT HDSS Clutch

5. ACT Streetlite Flywheel

6. Kartboy Short Throw Shifter

7. Perrin Reverse Lockout Ring

8. Turn In Concepts Holy Shift Set - TiC/Kartboy Shifter Pivot, Front & Rear Stay, and Shift Linkage Bushings



1. Whiteline 20/22/24 Rear Sway Bar (medium)

2. Whiteline 24/26 Solid Front Sway Bar (full stiff)

3. Kartboy Front/Rear Endlinks

4. Front Custom-valved OEM strut inserts by Feal Suspension, Rears are Stock (Stock Springs)

5. TiC Klunk Killer - Comfort (TiC rear differential mount bushings and KB rear subframe bushings)

6. Whiteline Roll Center Adjustment Kit (KCA313)



1. OEM 07 Headunit w/o Aux Input

2. OEM All-Weather Floor Mats, Front/Rear



1. OEM Limited 17x8 Enkei wheels w/ Brand New Yokohama Avid S34PV, 225/45/17

2. Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines

3. Hawk HP+ Pads Front/Rear

4. Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid



1. Llumar 15% Charcoal ATR on the back 5 Windows, Llumar 5% Charcoal ATR on the Sunroof, 55% SolarGuard on the Windshield



1. Brand new AutoCraft gold battery installed 11/22/15.

2. Very well taken care of car. I documented all my modifications and maintenance.

3. Interior is in excellent shape!

4. Exterior is good, save what is noted below.

5. Rides and drives great! Car is a blast to drive!



1. Car was wrecked back in 2009. Entire car was repainted except the passenger side doors. Front Limited lip was replaced and soon after sold. Passenger headlight and taillight were also replaced with new OEM parts. The front bumper was cracked across the bottom, but repaired and repainted. Body shop wasn’t the best, and the bumper now has a paint bubble, as well as doesn’t sit perfectly flush at the rear where it meets both fenders.. And with about 90k miles, the front bumper has seen better days (has scuffs, scrapes, and marks from cones along the bottom).

2. Car suffered hail damage in 2010. Golf-ball-size hail hit the car all over the sides and hood. Hood was replaced with a new OEM piece and painted to match, blended on the fenders. All other dents were removed using Paintless Dent Repair (a top-notch guy!).

3. Driver’s door has some small paint chips missing due to objects being too close when parked.

4. The long undertray under the passenger side doors is gone. I don’t know what happened to it, just went under the car for some maintenance and it was gone!

5. The engine splash shield has warped in the middle from the heat from previously-installed Tomei ELHs.

6. One of bolts on the passenger side of the front subframe will not fully tighten.

7. Center grill piece is cracked along the bottom from being removed and reinstalled.

8. The headliner right above the driver’s seat is slightly discolored and worn from wearing a helmet.

9. Front Brembos have the clearcoat peeling from contact with brake fluid.

10. Front windshield tint has a small piece missing in the lower-left corner due to an inept inspection shop in TX.

11. Front windshield also has a small chip on the driver’s side that was repaired by insurance (about the size of a dime).

12. Driver’s side all-weather floor mat has a few holes worn in the “valleys”(can’t tell unless really looking).

13. Front bumper is in rough shape. I managed to hit a pothole in TX back in the spring. It was deep enough where the front subframe in the passenger-side front corner impacted the ground, making an indentation in it. In the process, it cracked the front bumper along the bottom in the middle and around the “teeth” to the side of the lower opening. Also, the paint around the passenger headlight spiderwebbed and the corners in the wheel wells don’t stay in place very well (see photos for all this).

14. Can’t find the front bumper tow hook cover, so it is not included.

16. Clutch pedal sticks to the floor between shifts during spirited driving (shift > 5k RPMs). Not a problem driving normally.


Having said that, this STI is in great shape otherwise and I regularly receive compliments, especially regarding the interior! I wouldn’t hesitate to take it on a cross-country trip tomorrow, just check the fluids and tire pressures and go!




Sunroof Operation:

Gauge Sweep/Startup:

Underhood, Engine Running:



A Few Pics:





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