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SOLD - 1987 SpecE30 Race Winner!!


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Car still available as of 8/5/16. It's now a race winner!!

facebook link with photos: https://www.facebook.com/lightningd/media_set?set=a.10153988044070798.1073741834.578270797&type=3

Email: [email protected]

Phone. 757-five-seven-two-3327 (text day, call or text night)


Videos showing what it can do:



1987 325i, ready to win nationals with a good driver

Car was built, sold to me, and I put 12 Race weekends since build

Roll Cage (this cage is a work of art. The nascar bars go through the B-pillar so the force of an impact will be to the cage and not on the welds. This is what sold me on the car originally. Includes foot protection bars (to block front wheel from being driven into driver). There is plenty of room inside the cockpit) (LNA)

quite a few totes full of parts (I have an updated list on my phone)

Fuel tank can run pretty low without starving.

There is a dent in the right rear door from nationals. I knocked it part of the way back out but it's still visible. Driveability is not affected.



Dyno numbers at Nats (9/2/15, 158.07 hp, xxxtq. 9/3/15, 160.47 hp, 158.18 tq.) -

Rebuilt head (3 weekends old) (Racewerks)

Injectors cleaned and blueprinted (Injector pulse)

Block (110K) (used)

Oil pan baffle/crank scraper (Ireland)

Motor mounts (5 weekends old) (AKG Motorsports)

Crank sensor (1 year old) (Getbmwparts.com)

Spal Radiator Puller fan (used)

Used junkyard long block with intake manifold and engine harness



Came with car with I bought it, not sure of mileage, but no issues. Clutch engagement point is a little low for my taste, but works fine. It was the same way for stock clutch and new racing clutch

Diff discs (rebuilt in 2012) (Bimmerworld)

3 puck lightweight racing clutch (SpecRacing)



Racetech 4009WHR halo seat (Discovery Parts)

fire supression system (Bimmerworld)

2 ½ lb handheld extinguisher (Bimmerworld)

Teamtech right side net (Bimmerworld)

17" convex mirror (Bimmerworld)

hard wired AMB transponder (AMB)

Quick disconnect steering wheel adapter (Bimmerworld)

Sparco suede steering wheel (-)

Traqmate with traqdash display (Traqmate)

radio setup (2 radios, crew headset, antenna, hard wired power in car, (helmet/ear piece not included) (ClubRacingRadios.com)

Windshield defogger kit (this is AMAZING in the rain. See where you're going. What a concept!) (Bimmerworld)

Autometer water temp gauge #4337 (Summit)

Autometer water pressure gauge #4307 (Summit)

Autometer Oil pressure gauge #4327 (Summit)

FAST cool suit system (shirts not included) (OG Racing)

Schroth Harness 6 point cam lock (replace for 2018) (Bimmerworld)

Window net (replace for 2017) (Bimmerworld)



2 sets Team Dynamic wheels with RRs (-)

1 set (unknown) wheels with RA-1s (-)

1 set (unknown) wheels with street tires (-)

Front strut bar (-)

Stainless steel brake lines (Bimmerworld)

Rear shocks installed (3 weekends old) (Bavauto)

Rear shocks not installed (from original build)

Front shocks installed (from original build) (Bavauto)

Front shocks not installed (new)

H&R Springs (Ireland)

Ireland camber plates (I believe) (Ireland)

Fixed front sway bar

Adjustable rear sway bar (sliding link type)

Eccentric front control arm bushing

Rear trailing arm bushings are adjustable. (I've never touched them so I'm not sure if it's the bushing or bolt or what. My shop does the alignment)

High temp brake ducts (Summit)

Master cylinder (1 weekend old) (O'reilly)

Front right wheel bearing (1 weekend old) (Bimmerworld)

(Brake inventory changes as it gets raced)

Front brake rotors (2 new sets)

Front hawk pads 1 new set

Front hawk pads 2 sets uninstalled (used with life on them, they were taken off the car due to practice/race timing during nationals. I planned to put them back on for regional events)

Rear brake rotors uninstalled (2 sets new)

Rear hawk pads uninstalled (2 sets new)

(NOTE: updated above, 2 sets front rotor, 1 set rear rotor, 1 set front pads, 1 set rear pads. Getting ready for the season if you don't take this great offer)



Rear spoiler (uninstalled) (used)

Custom front air dam (made from abs plastic, what sprint cars use. Very rugged and can withstand offroading) (Stock Car Products)

Headlight covers (Lamin-x)


Please make an offer and we can talk about it. This package is basically a "buy car and go win nationals." Will also include some checklists and things to help with your race weekends.

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