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NP01 For Sale


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A better than new NP01 for sale. This car has every option you can get from Elan and is built, wrapped, setup and ready to go racing.


The only has 3 Events:

- 2 Test Dates

- 1 Race Weekend at Laguna Seca (Finished 2nd)



Every Option Available

- Spare Package

- Extra Axel's

- Extra Suspension Parts

- Extra Set of Tires and Wheels

- Alignment Tools

- Radio Communication

- Smarty Cam

Description of the NP01:

The NASA Prototype is a new classification to NASA, expanding their history of affordable local racing into purpose built prototype style cars. The Nasa Prototype class is built around the new NASA/Elan NP01 chassis which was designed from the ground up to be quick and great looking but more importantly, safe, reliable and inexpensive to run. Offering competitive fields of identical cars at over 150 events nationwide, there is no shortage of opportunity to run these cars. Designed from the start to run HPDE, Time Trials, Sprint and Endurance Road Races, the NP01 offers an unparalleled number of competition opportunities across the county.


Racing Junk: http://www.racingjunk.com/Other/182744330/Elan-NP01.html?showSuperSize=true#1

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