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Mustang Radiator Fill Procedure - No AC/Heat


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I am in the final stages of converting a 2011 Mustang GT to an American Iron car. I recently replaced the stock radiator with the FRPP Aluminum unit. The Ford Radiator Filling Instructions that came witth it are written for a car with ac/heat still installed, which mine does not have. They give the following steps:

1. Fill radiator to capacity. Turn heater on high

2. Start vehicle with radiator cap installed in loose position to prevent spillage

3. Run vehicle untol top radiator hose is hot.

4. Add fluid if system burps (basically)

5. Let vehicle warm up until thermostat fully opens and finish filling. Increase RPMs to 1000 and top off radiator.

The last step to verify this all went correctly is to turn on the heater and see if i have hot air.


So obviously I can't do it this way. How do i fill a radiator in a race car correctly? I havent gotten the car tuned since making several changes. Should I be worried about letting it idle while I perform this work or is that low an RPM ok?


Any help appreciated guys.

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Basically, everything except turning the heater on. The stock system should have an expansion tank, so leave that cap off after you cap the radiator. You don't want to seal the entire system while hot. It'll draw a vacuum as it cools. Fill expansion tank to "Full Cold" after you shut it off.


After it cools down, re-fill expansion tank to "Full Cold" line and warm it up until the T-stat opens again. Let it cool again, system should be back at "Full Cold". That should guarantee everything is good.


A 2011 shouldn't have needed radical changes for AI, so you should be fine letting it idle.

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