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1999 BMW M3 IP Race Car or Track Car


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Okay. You guys win. I turned down a few offers between $26-27,000. I am relisting the car at $26,500, no less. The car is ultraclean and extraordinary. Don't miss the opportunity to own a great car.


Put a second seat in and you have a fantastic track event machine.


This car whose name is “Hans” started its’ life with me as a third owner great M3. I have had several track and racecars, all built by TC Kline Racing, this would be no exception. I have seen so many track and racecars with a long list of great parts and you assume that because they have the parts you have an outstanding car for the track. That couldn’t be further from the truth.


To have a great track or racecar your car must be setup right to give you the confidence to drive to the edge. And on those occasions when you cross the edge the a balanced car gives you a chance save the car and yourself. These cars are hard to come by because it takes people with a great understanding of the sum of the performance parts, the cars’ characteristics and exemplary on track experience. Particularly when it comes to the suspension. Well the guy who set up Hans for the track was TC Kline himself and he knows a little about this, having designed his own suspension systems and being a champion driver himself. It was sorted at the track.


I have done thousands of laps in driver’s schools all over North America and have raced in BMW Club, Speed Vision, NASA and SCCA National. In all of these categories TC Kline built and delivered a car that allowed me to set track records and win championships. I know a great car when I am in it and the kind of feedback needed to improve it.


Hans is no exception. He is well-balanced, complete, fast and a whole bunch of fun. Hans is a fantastic track car and a great racecar. This car is truly more than the sum of its parts.


My engine builder is Ken Price of Kengineering, a retired engineer that is a surgeon with an engine. We discussed performance, risk and reliability discerning what I wanted from the car. I chose very good performance, medium risk and high reliability. I don’t want to drive across the country and have it breakdown and not be able to race. Almost all of the parts were sourced from Tony at VAC. The engine was tuned by Karl himself, at his shop Active Autowerke and the 3-inch custom exhaust system was molded, welded and fitted by Alan Jansen of ARJ. The BMW theme paint job was done by a personal friend.


The engine has a complete rebuild on it with only one full dyno day and two test days at Sebring and NCM. It is very fast and balanced.


We have a meticulous log three inches thick of all work done to Hans. There is about $58,000 invested.


Hans has been built to perform at the highest level in BMW Club – I-Prepared.


Hans has been part of my family for three years but I do not have time to race or track in the foreseeable future so I am selling. I will miss him.




Beautiful BWM theme painted accents.


Apex 17x9 ACR-8 wheels – 8 wheels


Hoosier 245/40/17 R-compound - 8 tires


Exterior and interior cut off switches


Cloth tow straps


APR GT-250 Performance carbon fiber rear wing


APR front splitter with winglets


Weight @2500






Custom fitted lightweight tin and felt interior


Schroth Hans compatible driver’s harness


McMahon roll cage – BMW IP specifications


Halon LT extinguisher


DRE Sequential shift light


Recaro Pro Hans Racer seat


Hard wired transponder


Weight box


Aluminum floor plate and dead pedal


Cool suit with box and hoses


Custom driver blower/cooler


Stack gauges – water temperature, oil pressure






Sparco strut steel brace


AP Racing Big Brake front calipers and rotors


Brake cooling kit


TC Kline double adjustable struts and springs - I-sport


TCK camber/caster monoball upper strut mount


Left and right control arms


Left and right tie rods


H&R 28mm front sway bar


Solid bushings


Stainless steel brake lines


ARJ custom 3inch race exhaust w/Borla muffler


JB Racing ceramic clutch and flywheel


Second fuel pump added


BMW IP Specification – maximum engine upgrades performed by Kengineering with parts from VAC


· 276/270 Schrick Performance Cams, lifters, valve springs, keepers, hats, gaskets, new vanos, under-drive pulley set, high temp radiator hoses, oil cooler, high capacity aluminum radiator, serpentine belt, Porsche large MAF, VAC big bore T-body, tuned headers, modified vanos unit, aFe cold air box


BMW IP Specification – maximum software tuning performed at Active Autowerke on a Dyno


Precision Gear differential custom built ramped differential 3.64 to 1 LSD with overflow fluid recapture container.


Buyer is responsible for transportation however I can assist. If you have sincere interest and have questions, Please write me. Deposit required.


See more here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1999-BMW-M3-IP-Race-Car-or-Track-Car-/252509553775?forcerrptr=true&hash=item3acabe046f:g:kL0AAOSwU-pXr4g6&item=252509553775

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